About Qatar

Since 2008, Qatar has been consistently ranked among the top three fastest growing economies in the world. Analysts believe Qatar will continue its double-digit growth trend for the next few years

Qatar’s residents are considered to be the wealthiest in the world. Qatar’s GDP per capita (PPP) is the highest in the world at US$88,232.51.

With such an economic outlook in consideration; Qatar is a great country to grow business in.

Qatar’s ambitious megaprojects will surge ahead, with $120 billion worth of projects to be undertaken until 2020. Qatar is experiencing a construction boom, with more than $220bn of projects planned or under way.

Much of the country’s spending is driven by its need to prepare for the 2022 FIFA Football World Cup, which will require 12 stadiums, 90,000 hotel rooms and the infrastructure to accommodate more than 400,000 fans. The volume of hospitality projects is particularly increasing at an accelerated pace as Qatar plans to build more than 60,000 new hotel rooms in time for the country’s hosting of the FIFA World Cup in 2022

Places To Visit

Barzan Towers
Weaponry Museum
Al Wakra Museum