Places To Visit

Barzan Towers

Barzan Towers were built at the beginning of the 20th century as watch towers to protect the surrounding area from Ottomans that was already defeated but still lurked the land.

Nowadays Barzan Towers attract many visitors from nearby Doha and it is worth the trip even thought during renovation works interiors were equipped with air-conditioning that spoils authenticity of the towers. On the other hand it makes the visit more comfortable especially during hot summer months

Weaponry Museum

This small museum has an impressive collection of arms and armour, some from the 16th century. However, what makes this museum worth a visit is the dazzling array of gold and silver swords and daggers, including a khanjar (ceremonial dagger) that belonged to Lawrence of Arabia. The museum is open to the public by prior appointment or with a tour guide.

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Al Wakra Museum

The Al Wakra Museum, is situated in Al Wakra city which is around 17km from Doha. This is one of the most popular Qatar attraction highlights country's spectacular architecture.

Al Wakra Museum, Qatar is located in the middle of Doha and Umm Said. The city was originally a small fishing town. Today it is one of the most famous tourists spot in the region. The museum is in town's old forts.

If you are interested in knowing about the architecture and history of Qatar then this museum is a mist visit place for you. Al Wakra Museum, Qatar has some excellent exhibits that will quench your thirst of knowledge. The Al Wakra Museum, Qatar pulls large masses of tourists that helps to promote tourism in Qatar.

Exhibits at Al Wakra museum, Qatar also feature artifacts that give us an insight on the history in Qatar. The exhibits also include some fine examples that showcase the beautiful art and architecture prevalent around the region.

Since Al Wakra city was earlier a fishing hub therefore the main highlight of Al Wakra Museum, Qatar are the displays on marine life. The Department of Museums & Antiquities has established the Al Wakra Museum, Qatar to promote the marine life and natural history among the tourists and the locals